After a full week feeling pain everywhere due to a strong flu I am back :-).
And guess what I brought with me? A full week detox program! heheh

Well, after all the antibiotics I’ve been taking during this week I guess a nice organic detox will come for a great good!

If you were like me, taken by the cold European weather please give the detox a goal and post a comment about your experience.

Detox Challenge

What is the Detox Challenge?
It is a 15 days detox in duration, and will serve as a detox in preparation for our next challenge, which begins in February.
Consists of only eating organic food, which means: no processed food at all, if it is not from an animal or not from mother earth we are not eating it!

How to take part of the Detox Challenge?
On January 15, in the morning, without yet having any meal, you should weigh and photograph the display of the balance with your weight. By email, send the photo, with your name, surname and height to the email This is your application to participate in the challenge. WE DO NOT ACCEPT REGISTRATIONS LATER THE DATE MENTIONED NOR PHOTOS! (I will be doing the detox this week to proof you guys it is possible ;)

What will happen next?
During the next 15 days we will follow a balanced diet, focusing on the concepts of nutritional education, WITHOUT drugs, thermogenics and industrialized meals. We will also follow some rules that will be needed for this detoxification process and preparation for the 30 days challenge in February.

The second weighing will take place on January 29, when each participant will have to resend email with photo of reweighing, and first and last name as it is on the table. Between the first and last weighing, we will be publishing texts on the blog that will serve as encouragement and sample menus, photo feed from our followers, and power information and exercise.

What are the rules?
– Eat 3 in 3 hours
– Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day (always carry a bottle of water)
– For anyone suffering from fluid retention, you can add a few drops of lemon in that water (provided they do not exceed one lemon per day)
– Do not ingest soft (or light or zero) or sparkling water
– Do not ingest anything containing sugar or sugar in the recipe (this holds even for salad dressings)
– DO NOT eat any processed foods
– Do not ingest any food containing white flour (pasta, refined white rice, pastries, etc.)
– I do not eat carbs at night
– Discontinue medications that are not continuous use or prescription (ie, avoid taking painkillers, sleeping pills, all without apparent need)
– Sleep 7 to 8 hours per day

What do I eat after cutting it all?
Our keyword is called substitution. Processed foods will be replaced by natural/organic food. Who wants to witness a surprising result, will be good to avoid full grain products aswell. This result will be realized through the feces (yes, it will be entirely changed, and you will find the detox happening).

What are the main tips?
Get sight of food that can cause temptation. Make a list of foods that you will need to make juices, and always have them at home to avoid eating foods that have not been programmed. Chop the vegetables and freeze to facilitate preparation of lunch. Pack your fruits and always carry a purse when you leave.

Tomorrow I will be posting my first menu, keep track and let’s do it together again in January!
Looking forward to that!


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